Dr. Pittu Laungani, 1936-2007

Innovative Multicultural Psychologist, Educator, Playwright and Philosopher 

Pittu Laungani - Photo

Born in India, Pittu Laungani spent most of his life in the UK and earned an international reputation for his innovative concepts within cross-cultural psychology. He proposed a model of eastern and western perspectives in understanding human behaviour which was applicable to a wide range of areas, including child rearing, death and bereavement, mental health and relationships. He merged philosophical interpretations into his psychological analyses and used psychological insights and approaches in his writing of fiction.

Pittu was married to Ann, who will be developing this website to share Pittu's work - completed and unfinished - with his many supporters and people who are not yet familiar with his writings. In the meantime, you may be interested to read: Pittu's obituary in the Guardian online newspaper.

You can also download Pittu's C.V. and the keynote paper which Pittu presented when receiving his Live Achievement Award.

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